The Executive Board of the Fire Chiefs Association is happy to announce the 2021 scholarship winners. Our fundraising efforts combined with the generosity of the families of Fire Chiefs Association members lost on 9/11 have made the following scholarships possible. In 10 years of awarding scholarships, $201,600 has been awarded.

President’s Awards for highest SAT score for an incoming freshman
Julia E. Mosier $1,500 Father BC Robert Mosier, B-18 (Ret.)
Christina Corrado $1,500 Father DC Nicholas Corrado, D-3
Daniel Corcoran $1,500 Father BC James Corcoran, B-2 Vice

President’s Awards for children of members
Olivia Fleming $1,000 Father BC James Fleming, B-14
Robert Massucci $1,000 Father DAC Michael Massucci, ADMBP

2nd Vice President’s Awards for grandchildren of members
Elizabeth A. Trick $1,000 Grandfather BC Robert G. Cornwall, B-31 (Ret.)
Brendan J. Spillane $1,000 Grandfather BC John J. Spillane, B-23 (Ret.)

BC Howard J. Carlson Memorial Award
Matthew Montera $1,000 Father DC Anthony Montera, D-6

BC George D. Eysser Memorial Award
Kristin Cowan $1,000 Father BC Scott Cowan, B-50

BC Robert R. Turner Sr. Memorial Award
John Gormley Jr. $1,000 Father BC John Gormley, B-7

DC Mike Fahy Memorial Award
Kayley Butcher $1,000 Father BC John M. Butcher, B-38

BC Harold Rogers Award
Nicholas Holfester $2,500 Father BC John Holfester, B-28



Through the Fire Chiefs Association, the memorial awards are funded by the generosity of the families of our fallen members. May their legacy of dedication, achievement and sacrifice be an inspiration to us all.

Chief of Department Peter J. Ganci Jr. Memorial Awards
Gracie Morawek $1,500 Father BC Andrew Morawek, B-58
Nicole Rice $1,500 Father BC Tim Rice, Haz-Mat Operations

Assistant Chief Donald J. Burns Memorial Award
Bridget Coyne $3,000 Grandfather BC Marty Coyne, B-42 (Ret.)

Assistant Chief Gerard A. Barbara Memorial Awards
Holden P. Gumb $1,000 Father BC Harry Gumb, B-22
Jordan DePrima $1,000 Father BC Rich DePrima, B-45

BC Thomas A. DeAngelis Memorial Award
John H. Sullivan $1,000 Father DC John M. Sullivan, D-6 (Ret.)

BC William J. McGovern Memorial Award
Kevin M. Connolly $1,000 Father BC Kevin T. Connolly Jr., B-19

BC Matthew L. Ryan Memorial Award
Connor McMahon $1,000 Grandfather BC Wayne Lange, B-42 (Ret.)

BC Dennis Cross Memorial Award
Joseph Arpaia $1,000 Father DC Anthony Arpaia, D-1